Today: bad day, or worst day?

Ok, so not the worst day. This morning I had a class to renew my CPR training, which took way too long. Then a chiropractor appointment, which went just fine (my whole body hurts – isn’t that great?). Then a dentist appointment to take a look at a rough spot on my tooth. Turns out a filling came loose and needed to be replaced. So now my face is numb (which IS the worst), and my whole body hurts from being tense and shaking like a cartoon character through the whole thing (not a fan of the dentist…can you tell?).  Probably should have thought ahead and scheduled the chiropractor for AFTER the dentist rather than before.

Anyway, sorry, today’s just a complaining kind of day I guess. Tomorrow will be better. That’s the mantra of the day. Tomorrow will be better.

In better news, yesterday was my last day of traveling an hour to and from work every day! And my last day of full time employment! Yay! I’ll now be working 2.5 days per week much closer to home. Which means I have more time to spend on job #2 (instead of what I’ve been doing, which is both jobs on most days…I’m so, so tired). So anyway, things are looking up. Just not today.

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