“What is this blog even about?”

What are YOU even about? I’m not about just one thing, and neither is this…whatever it is. Just go with it. I promise it’ll be fine.

“Didn’t you know you can buy that? What on earth is that child wearing? Why is everyone crying?”

Seriously, I wouldn’t worry about it.


Same old, same old

I haven’t done much posting lately, for which I apologize, but I’ve been in a bit of an emotional funk. And, because mental health needs to be normalized, I’m going to tell you all about it! What fun! My doctor had me take a hiatus from my antidepressants several months ago to try out another …


My husband thinks I’m a little crazy, my daughter thinks I’m a princess, and my son wants me to leave him alone. Every day is an adventure. Just kidding. Every day is the worst. But somehow also the best. You know what? I wouldn’t worry about it.



Want to chat? As my daughter says, “don’t talk to me.”

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