Say hi, Emmett!

My little man is 5 years old. He loves Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Mickey Mouse, goldfish crackers and hotdogs. He is also still wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, because apparently Christmas isn’t a time of year, but rather a state of mind. He likes to be my helper (“I’m helpful, Mom!”), and he spends more time with his books than he does with his toys. And I keep waking up way too early to find him staring at me, which is super creepy.

Emmett also has Down syndrome, which means it takes him a little longer to learn than a typical child. He’s determined, though. I’m teaching him to read, and he asks to “play the flashing game” (flash cards) multiple times per day.

He’s also a big fan of pushing his sister, because that makes her scream like he just ripped her arm off. So that’s fun.

2 Replies to “Say hi, Emmett!”

  1. Casey you have explained both of the kids perfectly!!! Keep doing what your doing because they are great kids with an equally great mom!!!! (And dad…lol)

  2. My kids also have a 2 year gap between them, although a bit older, 7 and 5. And the whole pushing-screaming “funniness”…well, I don’t think it’ll lose its humor anytime soon… 😀

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