When did “What do you do?” become such a complicated question to answer?

You know when you read about historical figures and they have about 15 professions on their resume? Lawyer, surveyor, farmer, inventor, diplomat, author, candle maker, printer, pharmacist, postmaster, explorer. Nowadays when someone asks “What do you do?” you’re supposed to answer with just one thing. I’m a pharmacist. Except I think that’s seriously boring, because that’s not really what I do. Sure, I pharmacist from time to time, but when I think of my identity, I don’t think “pharmacist.” So what do I do? What do I want my Wikipedia page to say? Sure, pharmacist. But that’ll be at the bottom.

Mom, wife, homemaker, urban homesteader, baker, amateur chef, do-it-yourselfer, teacher, entrepreneur, seamstress, yarn enthusiast, soap-maker, gardener, and yes, pharmacist.

Any one of those is enough to be an “occupation,” but why tie yourself down to one thing? How boring is that? Keep adding to your unofficial resume, and keep life interesting.

4 Replies to “When did “What do you do?” become such a complicated question to answer?”

  1. Do you have a Wikipedia page?! 😀

    But you make a very good point- what one does for a living isn’t the same thing as what one does to live…

    OH! And you forgot blogger on your resumé 🙂

  2. Fantastic post, Casey.

    I’ve always just said “I don’t do anything…” I need to rethink that,.

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