Toddler words I miss the most

As my children get older, it’s amazing to watch them figure out how language works. I’m always torn on correcting their pronunciation. On the one hand, I want them to be understood. On the other, I seriously miss (or will soon miss) the toddler words and phrases they have already or will soon stop using.

Schnack (snack)

Nobuct (yogurt)

Dubdup (pizza)

Bunt (button)

Crush (push) – as in “crush the bunt”

Lem (lemon or lime…it’s versatile)

Schticky (sticker)

Ladle/Ladela/Madela (Madeline)

Hot dog (Mickey Mouse)

Mickey (hot dog – it only happened once, but it was amazing)

Fiss (goldfish)

It makes me sad that I can’t remember more. Every word they learn to say correctly is proof that they’re growing up. I just want them to slow down a little.

And then Madeline says something like, “Wow, Mom, that’s amazing! That’s a lotta jigsaw puzzle!” in her squeaky little voice with perfect pronunciation and it’s ok. If you’re going to be funny about it then go ahead and grow up 😆

3 Replies to “Toddler words I miss the most”

  1. My current favorites:
    CwAugh caugh (cracker – you gotta say it way back in your throat)
    EeeEE?? (itsy bitsy spider)
    Cerough (cereal – again, said way in the back of your throat)
    Īsh (ice)
    It it aaaayyyy (sit sit wait – he likes to help feed the dogs)

  2. My favorites, which I miss terribly!!!
    Chepup- ketchup
    Cuya- blanket
    Luly- Uncle Rudy
    Anen- Aren saying his own name
    Naani- Aren saying Navani’s name…
    🙁 🙁 🙁

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