Tea parties and sniffles

Some days I feel like I’m doing everything wrong. Today is not one of those days. Well, this morning anyway. There’s still a lot of day left to go wrong.

Madeline has been sick with a cold (or something – whatever it is, it’s not pleasant), and I think I’m getting it too. Not cool. So while she was resting and watching a movie, I was outside shoveling to keep ahead of it (the wind chill is expected to be -40 tomorrow, and there’s no way I’m shoveling I’m that), and when I came inside I was cold. Obviously. I got a tissue to blow my nose, and Madeline, in an adorable display of maternal affection, felt my face and, in a tiny voice laced with concern, whispered “You were out in the winter for so long. I think I need to take your temperature.” She found the thermometer, put it under my arm (like I do for her), and waited for the beep. My temperature was low, so she grabbed me a blanket. As she looked me in the eyes to assess my comfort level, she patted my arm gently and said, “You’re going to be ok, Mom.” If that doesn’t just melt a person, I don’t know what does.

Then we had a tea party using the good China (my old porcelain set, complete with homemade tiny table runner. Are you, like me, suddenly hit with a wave of ’90s nostalgia?). Our “tea” was my own hot cocoa recipe, because it’s oh so much better than a store bought mix. She’s very pleased about the whole thing.

Interested in making your own cocoa? Here’s my recipe, but feel free to tweak it to fit your own taste.

2 c milk
1 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt

I make mine on the stove. Just whisk until it’s hot. Only takes a couple of minutes, and it’s so worth it. Can you make it in the microwave? I don’t know! Give it a try! And always remember the most important rule of a tea party – pinkies out!

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