On-the-Go Hand Soap


Whether you’re concerned about the unknown ingredients in public bathroom soaps, have skin sensitivities, or are going somewhere without easy access to hand soap, this pocket-sized pack has you covered.

Water-soluble paper squares are infused with pure, handmade castile soap for an easy, on-the-go clean. Put a square in your hand, add water, and scrub until the paper dissolves. For extra dirty hands, use 2 squares.


Each pack contains 150 soap sheets measuring 1″x 1.2″ each.

Container measures 2.52″ x 1.73″ x 0.79″

Ingredients: handmade castile soap (olive oil, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, water), water soluble paper

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Additional information

Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 2.52 × 1.73 × 0.79 in


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