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Unfortunately, eggs don’t ship very well. But delivery is free in the Green Bay area, and if you live a little bit farther away we can meet in the middle!

$4/dozen for local delivery or pick-up only.

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Eggs are now for sale!!! $4/dozen, guaranteed mixture of colors in each batch.
Sure, they look cooler than boring grocery store eggs, but there’s more to them than that! Did you know that backyard (commercially known as “pasture-raised”) chickens make more nutritious eggs? On average, a chicken allowed to roam and eat whatever it can scratch up (along with kitchen scraps and a healthy, well-rounded chicken feed) will produce eggs that have:
  • 25 percent more vitamin E
  • 75 percent more beta carotene
  • As much as 20 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Half as much cholesterol
  • Significantly less saturated fat
You can tell the difference when you crack one open and see the rich orange yolk. That’s right – yellow yolks are a sign that a chicken’s diet relies heavily on cheap corn and soy, and it’s downright unnatural.
Plus, did you know that eggs (fresh, unwashed eggs) don’t need to be refrigerated? Chickens lay their eggs with a protective coating on them called “bloom,” which keeps them stable at room temperature for anywhere between 2 weeks and a month, and they can then be moved to the fridge for at least 3 months (up to 6 months in an airtight container). Yes, you read that right! Grocery store eggs are required by law to be washed (even though it dramatically reduces their shelf life) because of how dirty and disgusting large-scale egg farms tend to be. Crazy, right?
Backyard eggs look better, taste better, and are better for you. Give them a try!

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