Nobody’s perfect

I know I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating.

A family member recently posted something about how they only share the most positive aspects of their life online. Only the most flattering selfies, pictures with the mess of life carefully hidden, and only the best looking food. I’m also guilty of this. I almost never take selfies because I’m rarely pleased with the resulting image. I take pictures of my children when they’re cute or funny. I post about the crafts I’ve completed, the food I’ve made from scratch, and the funny things my children say or do. But please, know that this, while not a “lie,” is only a half-truth. My home is a disaster. I’ve started more projects than I’ll likely ever finish. Mail piles up in the mailbox because walking across the street to pick it up is a hassle. My kids are driving me insane with their constant talking and fighting.

So in the upcoming holiday season, if you’re feeling like your Christmas isn’t as perfect as mine, think again. If you feel like you should spend more time baking cookies, hand-making Christmas cards, enjoying your children’s laughter, and ringing in the New Year with a happy midnight kiss, remember this: the internet lies.

When I bake cookies, I’m yelling at the children to please, for the love of everything holy, keep your hands out of the mixer and stop trying to open the oven. When I post a picture or video of happy children playing in a clean living room, their bedrooms are disasters that practically require hazmat suits to enter. When I post about one of my delightful simmering scents that’s making the house smell like everything that’s good with the world, know that I’m doing it to cover up another smell that I can’t identify or find the source of. And for every happy moment with my children that I choose to share with the world, there are 2, 3 or 5 moments which resulted in me yelling at them to please, please, PLEASE GET THAT TOOTHBRUSH OUT OF YOUR BUTT AND STOP EATING YOUR CHAIR!!!

So remember this: nobody is really the person they post online. We’re all putting our best selves out there. So this is me, just keeping it real. You got this.

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