Never a dull moment

Well, we’re finally in the home stretch. Only one week of summer vacation left. Only one more week of near-constant fighting, bickering, and all-around sibling bothering. Actually, it hasn’t been that bad. Emmett had several weeks of ESY (extended school year – it’s summer school, but they don’t want you to call it that), and then they each had two weeks of summer camp (one week together, and one week on their own). This past week, though … ugh, they’re trying to kill me with this fighting.

One bright point, though – we’ve taught them to yell “J’ACCUSE!” when they’re calling someone out. It’s brilliant.

Emmett has spent his free time this summer building up his video gaming skills. Now, I know that playing video games isn’t necessarily something to be proud of as a parent (sure, I’d rather they spend their days outside playing), but he’s honestly getting pretty good. I figure it’s helping his coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving skills, so I’m cool with it. And he’s so proud of himself each time he beats a level!

Madeline is starting 4K this year. Only half days, but she’s so excited! And seriously, so am I. Her teachers don’t know what they’re in for. Every day, we have to go through the countdown-to-school half a dozen times.

And, because Madeline can’t have the same backpack as anyone else (her words), I’m making her one. When we were at the fabric store, I was under strict orders to not answer any questions about what I was making. You know. Just so nobody else would get the idea to make the same backpack.

And finally, I got another part-time work-from-home job. Not a different one, just another. Because apparently I don’t have enough going on in my life. More on that later.

Happy almost-end-of-summer, everyone!

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  1. I’m up to HERE with the sibling bickering! D: LOL!
    But seriously, never have I been so happy for summer vacation to end and school to begin!!

    1. Seriously. Is it weird to get a teacher a gift at the BEGINNING of school? Like, “thank you for taking these children from me, here’s a new oven”

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