My favorite things

Just kidding. These are some of my least favorite things, and they’ve all played a part in irritating me today.

Am I the only person who can’t stand it when advice or tips are called “hacks”? It should mean something quick, clever, and easy. Instead, it’s usually either a stupid and wasteful way to do something differently for no reason, or it’s just a description of the proper way to do something. Pinterest is full of these so-called “hacks,” and I get irrationally angry every time I see one.

You know what else is the worst? Doctors who insist upon being ass-hats. I got a call from a doctor today who actually yelled at me because our pharmacy was out of hydrocodone (a common pain medication). “HOW COULD YOU LET THAT HAPPEN?!” Like, yeah, I wasn’t pleased about it either, but shit happens. It’s impossible to predict how much we’ll go through, and we don’t get shipments on holidays and weekends. I could kind of understand the anger if we were the only pharmacy open, but there are more than a dozen other pharmacies in town. And then, he has the nerve to get mad at me for refusing to break the law and magically send the prescription to another pharmacy so that he wouldn’t have to re-send it himself (god forbid).

And the last one (for today) is recipes that aren’t really recipes. If I search for a recipe to make a cake, there better not be “cake mix” in the ingredient list. Just…no. If I wanted to bake cake from a box, I wouldn’t be searching for a recipe.

I lied about that being the last one. Also, couches and carpets that smell like pee. Every time I think I’ve gotten rid of it, the smell comes back. This humidity is really bringing it up to the surface. So that’s fun.

But here’s the good news – tomorrow is another day, and I’m going to make it a good one. Probably. No promises.

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