It probably won’t last forever

It’s been a busy summer! We moved about a month ago (maybe 2 months? Time is flying by), and we’ve been working hard to get unpacked and settled in. I only have one room left to finish unpacking (my craft room), and we’re still waiting on a new couch and kitchen table to be delivered.

We’ve learned a few lessons since we moved, and things are going much smoother now.

  1. If you can’t find Madeline, she’s probably at the neighbor’s house (her name is Cathy, and she’s Madeline’s new BFF. She’s also probably in her 70s, but Madeline doesn’t care).
  2. The best way to stop Madeline from waking Cathy up at 5:30 in the morning is to get some better locks. I recommend a lock with a combination keypad. Put it on backward so that you need to enter the code to exit the house.
  3. Put a lock on the garage door, too. She’s crafty like a fox.
  4. Ban all outdoor time unless under the direct supervision of a parent or teacher for the remainder of the summer.

In other news, while searching for furnishings for our new digs, we found a comically large roll of toilet paper. Of course we bought it, and I have to share it with you. You know those really big rolls that you need to buy an extension for so that it fits on the wall dispenser? This one comes with a stand-alone holder, because it’s that big. We’re talking the size of 11 or 12 “normal” rolls. It’s massive.

Just look at it. It’s ridiculous.

I seem to be the only person in this house who knows how to put toilet paper ON the wall roll holder, so this is just *muah*

It’s like those big rolls they use in retail store bathrooms, but this is regular, 2-ply, so soft toilet paper.

We didn’t put it in a bathroom the kids use (even I’m tempted to put the end of the roll in the toilet and flush to see what happens), but I’m just psyched that it exists and that I have it in my house. If you’re wondering, it’s called the Charmin Forever Roll. I have my doubts about the “forever” part, but it certainly looks possible. They’re not paying me, but if any Charmin execs are reading this I’ll gladly continue to sing your praises.

Oh, also I got 10 chickens. That’s something people do, right?

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