Every. Day.

You guys have seen this one, right? Does everyone relate to it on the same level I do? Because these children are running circles around me (I mean that literally – they are running around me like I’m a freaking maypole) and I’m going a little crazy.

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I’m pretty sure that someone just shouted “There’s poop on the walls!” but I’m 95% sure it’s imaginary, because they’re all about pretending right now. Just the other day, Madeline called 911 because she was pretending the house was on fire. Whoever decided that you don’t need to unlock a phone to call 911 wasn’t thinking about all the hypothetical pretend emergencies my child can think of. Now I can’t put down my phone.

Also, they are now pretending to be construction dogs. I finally convinced them to go upstairs to play, but now all I hear is barking and the pounding of hammers on all the solid surfaces they can reach.

Only 2 more hours until bedtime.

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